Wood Greenhouse Plans

Wood greenhouse plans are an excellent idea if you wish to build your own greenhouse. Wood greenhouse plans enable you to make an aesthetically pleasing greenhouse that is easily customized to suit your needs and tastes.



wood greenhouse plansMany of the people who do greenhouse gardening prefer wooden greenhouses because they are environmentally friendly and have a traditional feel to them.

When made of cedar wood, as they typically are, wooden greenhouses also repel pests.

And who doesn’t love the scent of cedar wood?

The drawback to wooden greenhouses is that they may break down faster than those made of hard plastic or aluminum.

So, they will require some maintenance. However, if every now and again you put on a new coat of primer and stain, you shouldn’t have to worry much.

Cedar wood is highly resistant to water and to rotting, anyway.


  • When trying to find wood greenhouse plans, you first want to consider some other matters so that you can recognize the plans that are just right for you when you come across them.
  • To begin, consider the location where you plan to erect your greenhouse.
  • You’ll want to choose some higher ground for a wood greenhouse so that there is good water run-off, and so that the greenhouse will not have to sit in water as much as it would on lower ground.
  • Prepare the elevated ground so that it slopes, thus promoting even more water run-off.
  • The place where you plan to build your wood greenhouse should be well-lit by the sun.
  • For a lot of people this means building the greenhouse on an eastern side of their property.


wooden greenhouses for saleYou can find wood greenhouse plans that enable you to build the greenhouse as a stand-alone building or as a lean-to type that you build up against the side of your house or barn.

Once you know where you’ll be placing your wood greenhouse, you can measure out the area so that you know how big you can make it.

With this knowledge, you can choose wood greenhouse plans that tell you how to build a greenhouse of that size.


wooden greenhouse stagingAlthough it’s likely that you’ll be using cedar wood, when going through possible wood greenhouse plans look at what type of wood they recommend or are designed for.

Any worthwhile wood greenhouse plans will include this information and should also recommend the tools and the other materials that you’ll need.

Speaking of such things, you want to get them together before you start your building project.


It would not be good to get far into the project only to find that you are missing something important or that you don’t have enough materials.

  • Decide beforehand what material you will use for your greenhouse cover.
  • Essentially, your choices are glass, plastic, or polycarbonate.
  • Many people who build greenhouses today recommend polycarbonate.
  • Polycarbonate was developed by the US space program and is strong but lightweight material that is impact-resistant.
  • It is less likely to break or get scratched up than plastic, while being lighter and easier to work with than glass.


cedar greenhouse plansBe sure that your chosen wood greenhouse plans include how to put in good drainage systems and help you design a solid foundation for your greenhouse.

Again, you want to do all that you can to protect the wood from becoming rotted from over-exposure to water.

You will irrigating the plants that you grow inside the greenhouse, so a good drainage system is a must.


Get an idea on what utilities you’ll need to put in your greenhouse. Again, your chosen plans should tell you this. With an idea in mind beforehand, you can plan your costs out accordingly. You’ll need to have sources of irrigation, heat, lighting, and possibly ventilation.
outdoor cedar greenhouse

When you’re shopping for your greenhouse materials, be smart and try to get the least expensive wood that you can find.

This does not, however, mean to skimp on quality.

You want to build a high quality greenhouse, so rather than trying to find the cheapest materials take some extra time and look for the best buys.



cedar greenhouse plansThere are some good reasons why you may want to build your own greenhouse.

You might want to do gardening all year round, but can’t do that outdoors because you live in a deciduous forest area that gets cold during certain months of the year.

With a greenhouse on your property, you can grow plants all year round.

You might want to grow your own fruits and vegetable, which definitely will save you money.

You could even use your greenhouse to make yourself some extra money by selling some or all of what you grow.

Besides the reasons for wanting a greenhouse in the first place, building your own greenhouse is less expensive than buying one pre-fab.


wooden greenhouse kits
Wood greenhouse plans are easy to find.

Look them over and be sure that the plans you’re considering using are clearly drawn, well-written, and provide you with everything you need to know in order to complete the project.

A wood greenhouse is not difficult to build, but be sure to get some help if you know yourself to not be all that handy!

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