Why Consider Glass Greenhouse Plans?

Why should you consider glass greenhouse plans if you want to build a greenhouse? There are other materials that you can use for your DIY greenhouse covering, after all.



polycarbonate greenhousesPolycarbonate, which is so often used in eye glasses today and was developed by NASA, seems an ideal choice of material for greenhouse covering. It is light but highly durable and very scratch-resistant.

Glass can get scratched and, although highly durable like polycarbonate, is heavier (thus not as easy to work with) and could possibly shatter.

Well, one of the leading reasons why people buy glass greenhouse plans is simply for aesthetic considerations.

The glass greenhouse is the epitome of the greenhouse, and despite there being other more modern, lighter, and scratch-resistant materials to use the glass greenhouse still gives off an aura of elegance and style.

This is especially true if a Victorian style glass greenhouse is put up. A-frame, curved-side, dome, gable roof, Gothic arch, slant-slide, straight-side, Quonset, Tri-Penta, and even lean-to Victorian glass greenhouse plans are for sale.


glass greenhouse plansPerhaps you want to impress your neighborhood. Perhaps you want to “wow” your friends and family members who pay you a visit.

Perhaps you want to make a strong positive impression upon customers and prospects if you’re using your glass greenhouse(s) for commercial reasons.

Or, perhaps it’s just for the pleasure of you and your immediate family. Whatever the reason for building a Victorian greenhouse, such a building must be a glass greenhouse.

Sure, it’s possible to take Victorian glass greenhouse plans and substitute in polycarbonate or polyethylene film.

But what would be the point? Glass greenhouse plans are meant to build glass greenhouses!


There are other reasons why a would-be greenhouse gardener would want to buy glass greenhouse plans, however. For despite its flaws, glass still has some practical advantages over alternative materials.

glass greenhouse kitsGreenhouse glass allows nearly 100% of the sunlight that comes through it to get to the plants inside the greenhouse. And, it retains this quality for decades.

Polycarbonate and polyethylene don’t share this trait.

Polycarbonate only allows about 4/5th of the sunlight through, and this even diminishes as the polycarbonate ages and gradually becomes more opaque.

Greenhouse glass is the strongest greenhouse covering material, and therefore it adds more lasting (and financial) value to your greenhouses.


  • Glass is non-combustible.
  • Tt resists UV radiation as well as air pollutant degradation.
  • It maintains its initial radiation transmission as long as you clean it on a regular basis.
  • You can buy greenhouse glass that is single, double, or triple-paned just as you can for your home.
  • The thicker the pane, the more air-tight and well-insulated your greenhouse interior.


glass conservatory plans
The drawbacks of glass, beside the relatively greater difficulty of working with it when you build the greenhouse because of its weight, are its vulnerability to being scratched up or, worse, severely damaged by some extreme weather like hail storms, and its relatively higher maintenance needs.

But these drawbacks are minor compared to the advantages of glass to many, many people. This is why there are plenty of glass greenhouse plans for you to select from.



glass nursery plansBefore you spend your money on your glass greenhouse plans, have ideas in mind about what type of glass greenhouse you want and where you plan to put it.

Again, you can go through lists or catalogs of the Victorian glass greenhouses out there to see which ones you may find the best for you.

Of course, you can simply buy plans for a typical-looking greenhouse of today and still use glass for the covering. (But to reiterate, usually part of the appeal of glass greenhouses is aesthetics.


glass greenhouse designsGet good measurements of the area where you plan to erect the glass greenhouse.

With these measurements you’ll know how large of a glass greenhouse you can build.

This, needless to say, affects what style and what glass greenhouse plans you want.

You will also need to get yourself price estimates on the glass and other materials that you’ll be using to build the glass greenhouse.

The greenhouse dimensions affect these prices.


glass greenhouse blueprintsThe area that you select to erect your glass greenhouse must be well-lit by the sun. Without sunlight your plants, flowers, herbs, or trees aren’t going to grow.

At the same time, you may want an area that will also provide shade in the hottest hours of the day so that your plants don’t burn up.

It depends upon the types of plants you’re growing how much sunlight they need and how much heat they can withstand.

If you can’t find a shady area that also can provide adequate sunlight, you’ll need to rely on internal cooling mechanisms like air conditioning and electric fans for venting.

You will probably need these anyway, but if you need them for a lot of cooling needs just keep in mind how that will affect your power bill.


greenhouse plansDon’t forget to figure in costs for all of the utilities your glass greenhouse will need.

You’ll need electrical wiring, irrigation, and quite possibly venting fans.

Some people like to use wood burning stoves for the heating if they use a Victorian model of glass greenhouse, but this may be a more elaborate project than you want to take on.

It’s up to you, though.

That’s the beauty of DIY glass greenhouse plans-you’re in control and you will save money over what you would spend on a pre-fab kit.

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