Commercial Greenhouse Plans

If you are looking for commercial greenhouse plans, it must be because you are looking to get started with a business-oriented greenhouse or set of greenhouses.



commercial greenhouse plansCommercial greenhouse plans must be bought with more in mind than just doing gardening as a hobby.

You won’t be able to get away with merely a small greenhouse like you could if you were only doing hobby gardening.

By using commercial greenhouse plans to build your own commercial greenhouses, you can at least save yourself on some of your business expenses.


If you’re going to run a successful business, you have to be all about saving money (as long as you don’t cut corners on quality, that is).

Some commercial greenhouse plans are better than others, so you’ll want to have some idea about what you need to look for before you buy the plans and begin building in accordance with them. So, first things first.


industrial greenhouse plansYou want to find commercial greenhouse plans that will allow you to build greenhouses that are large enough for you to keep all of the plants that you’ll need in order to run a profitable business.

Needless to say, if you are going to sell plants, flowers, and trees, you should know what species and types you’re going to sell.

Carefully figure out how much growing space your chosen species and types of plants need to thrive.

You will need ideas about how long you can keep the plants in the greenhouse before you can or need to move it outside.


  • You may just need one large greenhouse to fulfill your commercial needs.
  • Or, you may need several of them side by side or run together.
  • You are the one who knows best about what you need, so plan carefully.
  • If you’re only going to need one large greenhouse, you might look into Victorian style commercial greenhouse.
  • This is elegant looking and you can build it with a high ceiling or high ceilings.
  • It will be more expensive to build and to maintain than a more modern commercial greenhouse, but it is worth it if you can afford it.
  • It can look impressive to your prospects and clients who may visit your property.
  • Such a commercial greenhouse can also give pleasure to your own eyes, and since you’ll be looking at your greenhouse every day that could be something important to you.


commercial greenhouse constructionNow, for commercial greenhouse planning, you will need to be aware of your local building codes.

That may sound absurd, but the reality is that building commercial greenhouses isn’t the same thing as merely putting up a hobby greenhouse. Buildings that are being used for commercial purposes have to line up with the local building codes.

It would be a disaster if you followed some commercial greenhouse plans and put up greenhouses that only had to be torn down.

That would be a costly mistake in terms of time and money. It would also be very aggravating!


commercial greenhouse planningCertain types or styles of commercial greenhouses may be prohibited where you live.

You may be required to have a certain minimum amount of acreage for a commercial greenhouse or the model that you want to build.

Zoning laws might be applicable, especially if you live within town or city limits and have fairly close by neighbors.

Research all of these related matters before you decide upon which commercial greenhouse plans to buy.


build your own greenhouse plansIf you need multiple greenhouses, you can erect the ridged type so that you can add them together.

Or, you can put up curved-arch models with lightweight, scratch and breakage resistant polycarbonate instead of glass.

Or are you going to use gabled greenhouses, which may be more pleasing to look at?

What matters is what type of commercial greenhouses are going to serve your business needs the best.

Today, it is typical for commercial greenhouse growers to use polycarbonate material instead of plastic or glass because it is so lightweight yet so strong and durable. However, you may prefer glass or plastic anyway.


  • In addition to considering all of this, you have to make sure that you have enough space for the commercial greenhouse plans that you want to use.
  • The space that you choose needs to be well-drained, and you need enough space to put down sloped gravel beds upon which to build the greenhouses to ensure that they are drained properly.
  • The space you choose also needs to receive adequate amounts of sunlight for the plants that you are going to be growing.
  • Yet another consideration for commercial greenhouse building is: if you’re going to have prospects and customers visiting your location, do you have enough space for them to park their vehicles?
  • Don’t crowd up all of your set aside acreage with the greenhouses.


industrial greenhouse designsYou will need to have an electrician do the wiring and electrical outlet installation for your heating and lighting in your commercial greenhouses.

Even if you are handy, the electrician will know the codes, plus it is safer to let a professional handle such matters no matter how good you believe you are with electrical things.

Follow all of the above guidelines. Doing so will make your commercial greenhouse plans a success.

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