How to Build PVC Greenhouses: Greenhouse Plans

Building the greenhouse with PVC pipes can be an excellent way to keep costs low, as the cost of PVC piping is far lower than the cost of wooden or metal framing.

Learn how to build PVC greenhouses using greenhouse construction plans, that are so easy that anyone can follow!

How to Build a PVC Greenhouse

Here is the process of building a homemade DIY PVC greenhouse in a rigid-frame design.

Step 1:

  1. Lay out the design of the PVC greenhouse construction.
  2. To do so, measure the available ground to determine the width and length of the desired greenhouse.
  3. Mark the measurements on a piece of paper, and add the desired height of the greenhouse at the sidewalls.


How to Build PVC Greenhouses

Step 2:

  1. Purchase the required 1 or 2-inch PVC piping, as well as the connectors, PVC glue, and a small amount of ready-mix concrete.


Step 3:

  1. Construct the roof of the greenhouse, using the 45 degree angle PVC connectors to make a standard sloping roof.
  2. PVC Piping Greenhouse Pipe FrameUsing the 45 degree angle connectors will make it easier to construct the roof, as the PVC pipes can simply be inserted into the connectors to make the correct angle of the roof.
  3. Once the roof is constructed at the correct angle, it is simply a matter of attaching the lower crossbeams of the A-frame room to be placed on top of the vertical walls of the greenhouse.
  4. Remember to use the connectors that will enable the roof to be easily connected to the vertical pillars of the sidewalls.


Step 4:

  1. There is no base needed for the greenhouse, unless the greenhouse is to be portable. A popular design that many people go with is PVC hoop greenhouse plans.
  2. In order to ensure that the frame is secure, dig a hole 2 feet deep.
  3. Fill the 7/8 of the hole with concrete, and insert the PVC piping into the hole to set in the concrete.
  4. Ensure that the PVC piping is level by using a bubble level tool.
  5. Repeat this for the other 3 to 7 support beams, the number of which will be determined by the length of the frame.


How to Build a Plastic Film GreenhouseStep 5:

  1. Once the PVC pipe is set in the dried concrete, glue the corner connectors onto the top of the posts.
  2. Ensure that the connectors are pointed at the correct angle to attach the crossbeams.


Step 6:

  1. Insert the crossbeams and glue them in place with the PVC glue, and ensure that your PVC pipes are at the correct angle.
  2. Place the PVC roof on top of the vertical sidewalls, and let the glue dry.
  3. The resulting frame should be sturdy, as the bottoms of the posts are solidly cemented in the ground.


PVC Greenhouse Plans

Plastic Covering: Double wall or Film Plastic?

For the covering of the PVC frame, there are two options: Double wall and film plastic.

  • PVC greenhouse kits are often made from double wall plastic, because they are much thicker and retains heat more effectively, thus reducing energy costs for the greenhouse.
  • Film plastic is much more inexpensive, but is much less effective at keeping heat trapped inside the greenhouse.
  • If the plants being grown in the greenhouse require more heat, it is recommended to use double wall plastic.
  • However, if the plants require less heat, the film plastic will be a much cheaper alternative that can help keep the costs of building a greenhouse as low as possible.

DIY PVC Plastic Greenhouses

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