ANR-1105 Hobby Greenhouse Construction Plans

The decision to proceed with the ANR-1105 hobby greenhouse construction is an important one mainly because of the investment in money, time and effort involved.

Clear Backyard Hobby Greenhouse

Take note that the greenhouse is a mid-sized structure that can fit in shelves, drawers and other gardening accessories essential in maintaining it. Now contrast that with the smaller greenhouses made from egg crates.

Clear Backyard Hobby Green House

Greenhouse kits that require little by way of building construction can be purchased. These gardening products can be bought for as little as a hundred dollars although many models can top the $5,000 mark depending on the type of materials used, the accessories offered and the after-sales services provided by the seller.

Large Hobby Green House Grow RoomThe again, there are good things to be said for going the route of ANR-1105 hobby greenhouse construction. For one thing, it is possible to tweak on the original design as the need arises. This may not be possible with greenhouse kits as the parts have been manufactured to fit all the other pieces. For another thing, the joy of actually building something with your hands has a greater high than, say, just fitting the pieces of the greenhouse kit. Not everybody will enjoy building the greenhouse, admittedly, but it is an experience worth taking.

So when you decide to proceed to greenhouse construction, we recommend the following steps. Keep in mind that since you are building the structure, you can also alter the steps when and where necessary. The ultimate goal, after all, is to complete the ANR-1105 hobby greenhouse construction to a satisfying degree.

Decide on the Plants for Cultivation

The design of the greenhouse partially rests on the type of plants to be grown inside. Yes, greenhouses make it possible to grow plants the whole year-round but the plants must thrive in similar conditions – tropical or temperate – for the structure to actually be of use. There are three ways in which a greenhouse can be used:
Potting Spring Flowers in the Garden

  • As a place to propagate seeds, seedlings and cuttings before replanting in the backyard garden during the warm summer and spring months as well as during fall, depending on the plants.
  • As a venue to grow tropical plants within a conservatory setting no matter the outside climate. In most times. Such a greenhouse is formal than a structure used for propagation purposes.
  • As a protective structure for growing specialty plants and ornamental flowers. Many homeowners undertake ANR-1105 hobby greenhouse construction to house exotic plants from the tropics, even the Amazon.

These uses for a greenhouse for plant cultivation does not preclude the use of the structure as a place to relax, dine in and entertain guests. Attached greenhouses can be converted into sunrooms, which is a great way to escape the dreariness of winter by being surrounded by a lush tropical setting inside the greenhouse.

Decide on the Style and Size

Greenhouses come in all styles and sizes so much so that there is one perfect greenhouse for every need, preference and budget. Ask for professional assistance in determining which style is best for the location, climate and construction costs. The pros and cons of the styles can be confusing to the beginner greenhouse gardener especially when the complexities of ANR-1105 hobby greenhouse construction are added to the equation.

Large Glass Arch Style Greenhouse StructureFor example, if you want flexible coverings, the Gothic arch, tri-penta and Quonset styles are best while the A-frame, gable roof and slant-side work with both flexible and rigid coverings. Or the A-frame style can be easily constructed but the usable growing area has its fair share of limitations.

And then there is also the matter of greenhouses either being attached to the main house or freestanding on the yard. Although we may want it to be simpler, ANR-1105 hobby greenhouse construction does have its share of complex decisions to make but these issues should not be something that research and expert professional help cannot resolve.

Other issues that require attention are:

  • Cover materials include glass, fiberglass reinforced panels, polyethylene film, and double-layer structured panels.Commercial Greenhouse Frame Construction Beginning Phases
  • Framing materials like treated lumber, metal, PVC pipe and aluminum are available.
  • Foundation and walls can be made from concrete, stone, brick, shingle, clapboard and asbestos rock
  • Floor and walkway materials may be crushed stone, pea gravel, sand, flagstone and stepping stones.

Benches, shelves and drawers are also excellent ideas during ANR-1105 hobby greenhouse construction as these fixtures make the gardening activities easier and the greenhouse cleaner. The size and the purpose of the greenhouse itself will determine just how small or how big these fixtures will be once installed. Many homeowners also choose to allocate space for an entertainment area – a table with 4 chairs and a few decorative items – inside the greenhouse, thus, making it into a multi-purpose structure. Talk about getting value for your money.

Choose the SystemsGreenhouse Lamps and Lighting Setup

Planning for the ANR-1105 hobby greenhouse construction will be incomplete without taking into account the heating, cooling, lighting and water systems inside the structure. Keep in mind that the greenhouse is only as good as these systems simply because you can control the conditions inside and, thus, cultivate the plants in the right environment.

  • Heat may be supplied through propane, fuel, oil, electricity and solar power although many greenhouse owners now combine solar power with one other heat source such as an electric-powered heater. Take note, too, that a cooling mechanism must be installed.
  • Ventilation is important as it allows for the proper exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide inside the greenhouse. Other purposes for proper ventilation include the removal of hot air and to lower the relative humidity the failure of which can result to the plants dying a slow death.

Commercial Electrical Greenhouse Heating System

  • Utilities like water and electricity must also be provided during the ANR-1105 hobby greenhouse construction. Heat, cooling and ventilation are dependent on the provision of these utilities.


When the ANR-1105 hobby greenhouse construction is properly planned, you should enjoy the benefits of greenhouse gardening the whole year-round. Fresh fruits and vegetables, anyone?


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